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Playing war games is big business

Playing war games is big business

The politicians in The Hague could not care less if there is any serious truth in the foundation for a war in the Ukraine. It is big business. The Yugoslavia war already was a goldmine. Has anyone ever wondered where all the money for the amazing transformation of the center of The Hague came from? Just think at the Yugoslavia Tribunal. It was big business that the Netherlands has acted as a traitor in Srebrenica and that the death squad ‘the Scorpions’ was given a free pass to execute a massacre in the hills near Srebrenica. This subsequently was blamed on the Serbs, who were to be tried in The Hague; ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’. The whole war already was big business for the Netherlands . We have heavily armed the Bosnian Muslims. According to witnesses at this website, this happened even within the Dutch UN camp led by “Don’t shoot the piano player” Karremans.

the-scorpions (1)At VeteransToday we earlier read the following: (quote) One of the most brutal incidents in recent history is the massacre at Srebrenica in 1995 by a paramilitary group known as “the Scorpions.” We now have a top level witness and reams of official documents that categorically prove that it was NATO that ordered not only the Dutch “stand down” that led to the killings, but recruited, paid and controlled the Scorpions as well, those who murdered more people in one day since Stalin’s last migraine.

Someone who actually played a major role in the rigging of the Yugoslavia Tribunal is a gentleman named Ben Ottens. This man made a ‘Blitz Krieg’ career, as his resume shows. It is interesting to wonder whether the mafia group Poot has played a role in the arms supplies or in the provision of troops through for example BSS Security (a kind of Dutch Blackwater / Academi). Also interesting is to find out whether there were any Dutch among that Scorpions unit. How could it be that a politician named Ben Ottens, who is totally inexperienced in other fields, suddenly held all kinds of functions under Joris Demmink, and was allowed to help establishing the Yugoslavia Tribunal? And how is it that this former crony of Joris Demmink now is a board member of the foundation “De Roestige Spijker” (translated The Rusty Nail) which ostensibly seems to want to get Joris Demmink prosecuted?

Regarding Ukraine we witness the same misrepresentation of facts as happened at the time of the Yugoslavia war. Only by then we had just the Main Stream Media and barely sites like this that spread a different message. Using the same technique of constantly repeating the lies will make the people automatically will believe those lies. The Gulf War was already sold to us on false arguments. And as for any other conflicts afterwards the same thing happened. Do you really wish to look away any longer? Of those 6 billion cuts that this government is making in 2014, a large part goes to the mafia group that lulls you into sleep with a soap opera about Joris Demmink. The sale of the claim of Jan Poot to the Litigation Fund means nothing more but the fact that the imported master conman Jack Abramoff together with his friend Robert Rubinstein are allowed to divert the money to be collected to “useful projects”. It would not be a surprise if a new war will lead to an interesting investment project . Another part of those cuts is blandly spent by Jeanine Hennis-Plaschaert by sending pretty much all military weaponry that our small country possesses to the new self-created war in Ukraine.

The politicians involved are mainly concerned about how to show their determination in orchestrating his war. Indeed, by showing to Europe how willing they are to cooperate, the sooner they are allowed to have a nice job with a big salary at a robber bank after their political career. “A robber bank?”. Yes, that is the kind of institution that creates money out of thin air for the reason of the interest, so that countries, companies and individuals are completely put in shackles. The Banks rule the world. This war must and will come. It is an extension of territory; also called imperialism. Does this provide anything to you and me? Yes, you must pay! There is a hefty loan given to Ukraine and gas prices will rise. Moreover, all that armature costs money. And Ukraine does not have this money, so the West will help them a bit. “Costs a bit, but then you also have some”, another country stolen.

Why is playing war games after all still big business for the Netherlands? Well, you will probably not notice it in your wallet, but certain families or companies who would like to supply weapons will though. They can become very rich. Moreover, there are also many George Soros-like funds that after such a war like to open their purse to invest in the renovation of a city like The Hague. That is, for instance, the great reward that you get as a country when you prosecute the self-created war criminals at a war crimes tribunal for something that you yourself are actually secretly guilty of (but nobody is aware of that). The average citizen is paying the price for these wars and politicians who are responsible are profiteering by the prospect of a wonderful career with a large salary (not to talk about bribes), and the elite group that is involved in arms trade can for example buy some additional land again.

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